Steve Prachyl - Art in Brushed Metal

Steve Prachyl - Art in Brushed Metal

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Steve Prachyl's Brushed Metal Art brings to you the world of abstraction
that captures and weaves together metal, light and movement.

About Steve Prachyl's Brushed Metal Art...

Late at night with only a street lamp sliver of silver light coming
through a small spot in the blinds, you’ll get just a silent
shimmer of art, some “ghost art”, perhaps a snapped glimpse
of a shapes sharp edge, or perhaps a samurai streak of a sweeping curve, or perhaps a pleasing and faint faint halo in light lit wisps and light lit edges of shapes and of textures that
go dancing about in the pattern of ‘the grind’.

Because of the light, from all over the room, the shape I ground
into a sheet of metal leaps out and into your eyes. All of the
billion scratches each taking on it’s reflecting job and
reflecting it’s own ‘billionth part’ of the light back to you.
This is all part of ‘the plan’, part of ‘the action’….
tiny scratches cratched into shiny metal.


"I want my work to generate an immediate sense of movement,
with a tinge of vertigo as the ultimate goal."


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